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  1. Small free spawn plots are now available! More plots will be created as 'neighborhoods' fill up. Claim a plot by standing in it and typing "/pe new claim". Undeveloped plots will be reopened after two weeks, and must be developed into some kind of 'home'. See the signs in-game for more information!
  2. PLAY.HEXX.IT is a Minecraft server based around the fantastic HEXXIT mod pack. In addition we're adding several bukkit plugins to make the server even more fun! With a dedicated staff looking to expand more, we ensure you have a great time! Links to download the mod are at the bottom of this post. If you are new to the mod, take a look at the beginner guides on the Hexxit wiki. Diamonds and picks are not as you may remember! The server is now free to enter for anyone! If you think you have what it takes to be staff, feel free to apply here! Have a great time on HEXX.IT! We host several different servers with a 99.9% availability, when you want to play Minecraft, we'll be there! We own the physical hardware of the server so there will be enough spots for you AND your friends! Our current IP can be found below! if for some reason that doesn't work, try out this: Economy Trade with other players, or sell your gold and silver to the server bank to earn Silverpieces! In-game help: type /money help [*]LWCs Lock your chests for 50 Silverpieces! In-game help: type /lwc [*]Towns Uses the HeroTowns plugin, Herocraft's private town system. Gather a group of 5 players, and forge your empire! In-game help: type /town help [*]Personal Regions Buy land using Silverpieces. Own as much land as you can afford! Select a region using a wood hoe as you would WorldEdit, and buy it! In-game help: /pg help [*]Spawn Plots: Free spawn plots are outlined in cobblestone. Claim one by standing in it and typing '/pe new claim' Plots must be developed into some kind of 'home', and will be reopened if they have not been developed within two weeks of claiming. More plots will be created as 'neighborhoods' fill up.
  3. I have a Tekkit classic to FTB patch file that's about 2300 block id's long, however I am running into an issue where mIDas GOLD does not recognize additional damage values after a base ID has already been inserted. I can post the .txt file if you want to try to figure it out.
  4. I made a patch file, but I'm running into a problem. For example, if I put this: 90 ->1 90:1 -> 2 90:2 -> 3 It will insert 90 -> 1 but then ignore the ones with damage values and give an error "Source ID 90:1 is already being translated!" and ignore it. So if I put in a list of blocks with damage values, it only inserts the conversion for just the base value. Any ideas?