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  1. Holy crap I literally posted that I would like to be banned and no one has banned me.
  2. No no, not a baby. This picture is meaningless. It signifies, if anything, the fact that the moderators here couldn't come up with anything clever, so they used this as a feeble way to get back at me.
  3. If you were smart enough to look at my picture before it was changed without my permission, then you would've know that I am a sir. Oh, I read the page about Macintosh Viruses, and 7 is way less than almost 20,00.
  4. What makes you think I would know, seeing as I'm a stupid newbie?
  5. It doesn't bother me, by the way, because a "Stupid Newbie" is more intelligent than the lot of you.
  6. Hooray! I've been made into a Helen Keller! Thank you all, you've been a wonderful audience, it's been a pleasure talking with you- Oh, wait, no it hasn't! I'll be here all week, laughing at you faggots as I continue to completely ignore everything you say, because your opinion matters just as little as the size of a Korean's dick. So, thanks for helping with my issues, I shall just figure them out myself, seeing as this forum appears to be full of untrained monkeys who've just been released from the zoo. Side note: Getting banned is the least you can do to help me. But, I doubt it will happen.
  7. Examples to back yourself up? Until then I stand as I was. Oh, and don't count MacDefender as an example, because it didn't do anything bad and you could just delete it and be done with it. And why would I risk having such a distant OS for virus proofing, if OS X is widely supported and, like I said before, already protected from every Windows virus out there.
  8. *Implying that McAfee isn't better than Avast! which is what half of the people on this forum use* *Also implying that files that suddenly hide themselves aren't hidden by a virus, because normally, they don't do that* Yeah what he said.
  9. O.o Going along with the post above, How on earth are you saying the launcher doesn't have shortcuts when you are running it, then finding it where ever you put it, and not running it again from there, but DELETING it and downloading it again? Just leave the file where it is and, oh I don't know, double click it?
  10. Considering that he couldn't provide better info, I highly doubt that he knows what bit type he's running. I would assume 32 bit, as that's generic for Windows 7.
  11. To set an example for you guys, I've edited the third post from the original, and added a few things which would probably be best if you read. Also, I specifically requested that you would remain calm and politely comment on this post, but instead, you did exactly what I thought you would do, and completely disregarded it. So, I ask AGAIN, to respond to my posts nicely, and accept the fact that I own a Mac, and will not suit your needs by getting a PC or saying anything good about them.
  12. 1) Bonemeal does not work with these saplings, I may be new on the forums, but I've played Tekkit lite since... the day it was released. So I know what I'm doing. 2) I've given mine enough RAM. 2 GB should be enough, but I can bump it up if need be. How much did you give yours? I'm pretty sure that I've met all the conditions for the tree to grow. I've tried them in superflat worlds with absolutely nothing but the sapling. No dice.
  13. Coming from you, who said that I was an ignorant bastard for not downloading antivirus to my computer, which doesn't need it? If I'm wrong, then why does this cause you to complain about it so much? That would show that I am right, and that you are mad because something didn't go your way.
  14. I've found that settings.yml does not exist in my working Technic directory, nor is one created on launch. So...yeah... why does this happen?
  15. Exactly what do you mean by "Oh the humanity!"? I'm stating everything wrong about this report. Deal with it, like I said for you to deal with it when I repeated step 3.
  16. 1) I'm NOT running 3 different OS's at the same time, nor do I have a triple boot. I have 3 different computers, each running a different OS. 2) Mac OS X doesn't need antivirus, and I'm smart enough to know that PC Cigarettes (HEY GUYS AM I COOL YET I'M TRYING TO HIDE THE FACT THAT I'M CALLING YOU FAGS AM I CLEVER HUH HUH HUH???) will always say that there are viruses for Mac. I will sit back and calmly ignore everything you may say and continue to enjoy myself whilst I have to do absolutely nothing to keep my computer from becoming infected, as I am immune to Windows viruses which, as you should but probably don't know (or are too ignorant to know such valuable information), there are literally THOUSANDS of them just waiting to get their insignificant little hands on your precious PC and tear it into small bite-sized pieces and eat them with chicken soup. Meanwhile, while you are rushing to Best Buy in hopes that the Geek Squad can save you, I will continue to browse the Internet without a care in the world because, as my sole intent of this really long explanation, I don't get viruses, so I don't need antivirus. 3) The launcher now says: "Please choose an empty directory, or your default install folder with settings.yml in it."
  17. Title: Rubberwood Saplings don't grow Version: 0.6.1 OS: Mac OS X 10.8.3 Java Version: Java 7 Description of Problem: I've obtained and planted Rubberwood saplings. I've had them run on a world for 4 real-world days straight. None of the planted saplings have grown. Error Messages: Error Log:
  18. Okay, one thing that should be noted: You will need to set the generation values to something below Y=127, maximum that will result in normal generation is 126. Setting to 127 gives you the same results as setting it to 128: Nothing spawns except vanilla items.
  19. The issue is, that some of these items, unlike the technical items, seem like they are supposed to be used in the game, and should not be unnamed.
  20. After doing so, I would assume that the Nether data needs to be deleted so that a new one is generated?