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  1. Ha! I knew something was off. The config file is present, obviously, but I hadn't even thought to check for the actual mod files. I'll throw it in myself for now, thanks for sorting that headache. Also, why isn't this in here yet? Additionally, I threw CoFH in there myself, and it seems to work all well and good.
  2. Super psyched when I saw this, I've been waiting for a Hexxit update for a very, very long time. Many, many thanks to the dev team. However, is it just me, or is that 'crazy' ore generation from Hexxit missing? I compared the cofh configs myself and they're identical to the old Hexxit, but it's definitely obvious if you go and lob a bunch of TNT under a few dozen layers of stone— there's a comparitively serious lack of ores. I had a semi-functional Hexxit-ish 1.6.4 version that a friend and I mashed together at one point, and for some reason I seem to recall we had issues with this before. Still, the config that I wound up using is again the exact same as Hexxit 1 and 2. Does anyone else notice this, or am I just crazy? Or just incredibly unlucky? Edit: Also, the Witchwood trees from Ars Magica aren't in the Treecapitator list. I would assume that by association any other trees added by this mod aren't, either.
  3. Got a bit of an... Oddity, not sure if it's a bug or just that I have awful, awful luck, but it seems that every single world I generate winds up 95% ocean. A few large islands near what I suppose would be the 'equator,' and then ocean. Just. Ocean. For thousands of blocks, all the way up to and past the Wall in the North, and the same deal down south. Here's what I mean, though on this particular seed I haven't gone south yet: Any clues as to what exactly is causing this? I know oceans are supposed to be big and all, but that's just an insanely-sized ocean, and it happens every time. It makes exploration go stale after a couple weeks, as it consists entirely of riding a boat just until the next pirate ship.