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  1. username: kynan8866 I will not grief in homeworld: I will be polite & not swear in general chat: I will respect staff & listen to directions: I will report and not abuse any bugs: I will know and follow the rules: I have _____ Tekkit experience:
  2. Minecraft IGN: kynan8866 Age: 16 Gender: Male Location: Israel Why do you want to play on T4?: Want to have fun minecrafting in your tekkit server , and have fun with my friends. Describe your past experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: i know besicly everything in all the minecraft mods.. i was coder & moder more then 13 servers and i have been making plugis for tekkit , and i was playing all the versions of the tekkit and was starting to play minecraft itself in 1.3.4 , i was alweas playing with my friends building towers and more.. castyles , ships , and i wish to do th
  3. IGN: kynan8866 Age: 16 Location: Israel Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? Build and create
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