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  1. Launcher Version: up to date Operating System: windows 8 Java Version: up to date 64 bit Antivirus Program: windows defender Description of Problem: when i go on vanilla minecraft the sphax textur pack works fine but when i try and put in in with my voltz it is only wanting to work for the mobs and chests it was fully working when i hav it on windows 7 premium but i dont know why it is bugging out now pls help me Error Messages: Error Log:
  2. technic launcher windows 8 windows defender up to date java 64 bit im also having a weird problem when i downloaded sphax and alpyed it to my volts it would only work for the animals and the chest i hav no clue how to fix this pls help>
  3. i am having a problem after i scraped my laptop and installed windows 8 and reinstalled all the things i previously had but this time when i go on my voltz with this textur it only will work for the animals and chest i hav no clue how to fix this anyone pls help me if they can.
  4. how do i aply it to my game i dont think its working