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  1. do you know if the server bears grill is still around

  2. nomad is the server still around?

  3. what vertion is the server on it keeps switching from 1.3 and 1.8?
  4. hey im back i got a new pc. how do i get my tekkit to work on 1.8?
  5. check our conversation

  6. keep getting timed out

  7. so why do i get time out every time even it shows green wifi thing
  8. nomad help every time i try to log in starting last night i get java thingy time out
  9. help i have bin greifed on the gills server i lost my quarry 2 steam engines and a mining turtle

  10. now that i think about it Rainbowenderman was at my place learning about tekkit
  11. hi it is me pittpenguin123 i logged in and my mining turtle was in my home is gone so was my quarry and 2 steam engines....and the quarry hole was filled in how and who ps town name StarFleet
  12. ok 1:how do i do that 2:yes 3:ok i will try and i got a premade 1 cus the totoryle i used did not work can u make a vido plz thanks
  13. i want to make a tekkit/bukkit server i got every thing but when i go to launch it says press any key to continue when i press any key it closes i fix that but know it works but it dose not give me the world and stuff p.s. i used a premade 1 <<<<< LINK from pittpenguin123