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  1. do you know if the server bears grill is still around

  2. I'd still like to join, I'd be happy to help with spawn. I just hope it's not like an empty field. Or I guess maybe that would be good.
  3. Hye my name is Monocrame, I finished playing on my last two servers because they seemed to poop out. So I'm looking to start over in a new server. You guy's server seems pretty nice. I'd like to try it. I'd like to try being a mod on one server, and playing legit on another. So if you need a mod, let me know. I'm also interesting in doing some free build for the server public areas or something? That seems pretty fun and I didn't do that at all last time. I definitely would want to suggest some mods to add as well.
  4. Hey my name is Monocrame now I've been playing on a couple servers so far, but I'd like to try being a mod and also doing some building projects without having to go through all that legit stuff. So if you need an expert on mods to help or an investigator I'm your guy. Free building some public areas or something would be great. Since my other two servers seem to be down now, I also would appreciate being able to play on the server legit, because maybe it will be fun? I'm concerned about the crash, though. Are you guys using the recommended build, and it still has problems?
  5. Hey, I was fighting the creeper boss on Mars and my friend got a creeper egg in his inventory! After the battle, we tried to get more but they cant be moved like a dragon egg. I was wondering if any of you know how to collect those like the dragon egg after you fight the ender dragon.
  6. - What is your in game name(minecraft username)? Monocrame - Name one rule of the server. no griefing - Why do you want to join the server? Different modpack than tekkit - What do you expect from the server? Be able to build my base and find ores easy
  7. I was trying some Moonquest mods and they seemed all glitchy or missing stuff, or buried in the untested pages. This one looks promising. And I don't like mining too much either. But, I did want to experiment with some minecarts and such. I noticed on the main page there was no Railcraft, or Steve's Carts. Is there any mod in here that adds to the minecart system in any ways, or plans on adding those mods? Is this mod pack sorta like Moonquest but with more ores and things?
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