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  1. What does no pvp in claim areas mean in regards to pvp? Is pvp enable everywhere but claimed areas? If I join your server, is tppi or tppi 2 better? I know tppi 2 is in beta, so I'm hoping the tppi 2 world is kept for tppi 2 full release?
  2. IGN: NLnj4turtl3 Age: 23 How active of a player are you: fairly often What role if any would you like to play on a new server (admin, player, etc.): Player
  3. Ingame name: NLnj4Turtl3 How long you have played mc/b-team: 2-3 years. How often you play mc/b-team: I usually play in increments and then stop for a couple of months, till I'm in the mood again. Country: USA Age: 23 Other information: I played on the open legendary empire server and I played on the private server Tekkitopia now called Seregon.
  4. In-game name: Nlnj4Turtl3 What do you think of the server? It's great, lag free and full of lively people. Although some still want to grief even with a ton of people on. I still think that it's not possible to stop all of it, but you can protect yourself easily. Is there anything we can improve on the server? Maybe instead of just expanding the map, you can have mining worlds? That way the map isn't so filled with half trees and dirt pillars.
  5. Username: Nlnj4Turtl3 Age: 21 Why Tekkitopia? Because I been trying to get my own server up for awhile and its harder then it looks. Your secret code:11Nln
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