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  1. All above have been emailed, if you weren't please email me at [email protected]
  2. All above shall be emailed within the hour
  3. Name: Austin IGN: austo9988 Age/Sex: 13/M Loc./time zone: MA,EST Why this server? I like that it has no banned or removed mods or items, thats very unique in a server and I like it. Favorite Mod? Industrialcraft, One word. Lasers. Personality? Nice at times, mostly care free but get annoyed sometimes. What do you bring to Minetrix? I can help people learn the mods and also get the server publicity by doing youtube videos. Other/experience level: About 2 months on tekkit lite, 7 months on tekkit classic, and 1 1/2 years playing minecraft Teamspeak/mic: I don't have teamspeak but I have
  4. In Game Name: austo9988 Age: 13 Would I find your name on a banlist on MCbans? If so why did you get banned? I have never been banned from a server, so no. Why do you like to play Tekkit lite? I like having multiple mods on my minecraft, and enjoy experimenting with machinery and high-tech gadgets, Tekkit classic was too easy and I enjoy a challenge sometime. Why this server? I really want to do a youtube series of me playing tekkit lite on a server, I like this one because it doesn't have an insane about of mods banned and seems like it would be good to go on to have some tekkit fun.
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