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  1. piglord can i join your voltz server and be staff?

  2. can i be an op or what do i have to write to apply to be an op?
  3. and can i be an op or mod?
  4. ign: jbndis p.s. can i be a mod or op?
  5. WHERE'S THE FREAKING IP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I would like to be a staff member on your server! Age: 13 In game name: jbndis irl name: nicholas Experiance: I can use almost every mod in this pack to set up elaborate systems. Favorite mod: i like all the mods
  7. your servers not up

  8. Name: nicholas Minecraft Username: jbndis Age: 13 Your long term minecraft project: a factory Why you want to play on this server: for tekkit lite itself. ps. good luck
  9. nice spawn and can i apply for staff?
  10. whitelist name:nicholas minecraft username: jbndis age: 13 preffered tekkit mod: industrial craft 2 and steves carts 2 (because of the carts mining abolity) are you banned in any server(y/n): almost because somone framed me for griefing extra: i am good with geothermal power stations. ;)
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