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  1. Hello forum, How do i protect my spawnpoint? Users can use rocket launchers,grenades, and power tool plasma cannons to destroy my spawn. How do I prevent this?
  2. I need to ban a few items to guard spawn from being destroyed. I don't know how to make a security station, most video tutorials don't make sence! How do I power it? How do I set it up? HELP!
  3. HolyCow PvP is an original pvp server (2 years old!) made by DrBreadgun and staff! Now with Voltz. With an awesome spawn with shops! If you wish to be the best faction there is, you can come and try us. SERVER INFO IP: holycow.dyndns-server.com:25574 Version: 1.1.3 Voltz Slots: 48 RAM: 2GB Owner: DrBreadgun (User account is S_L_I_P_P_Y) Website: http://www.mcholycow.enjin.com Banned items (From spawn ONLY): Grenades, Atomic Disassembler, Rocket Launcher, Power Tool, Electric bow Host: Astral Gameservers RULES [1] No spamming - This annoys users and lags the server [2] No advertising - That's what the technic forms are for. [3] No asking for rank - Make an application on our website and notify a staff member. [4] No asking for items/creative/op - Trust me, your not going to get it. [5] Curse to a limit - We allow cursing, but don't curse 5 times in every sentence. [6] No racism - What's the point of making fun of somebody's race? [7] No hacking - Not sure if you can pull this off... But we'll prohibit it anyway. [8] Harassing - Don't get up on other users. Play the fucking game. [9] Caps - Making text bigger doesn't make a difference. [10] Complaining - Whining get's you nothing except a banhammah to the face, griefing is allowed. Plugins bPermissions, WorldEdit, TakeaNumber, Vault, ScheduledAnnouncer2, Votifier, WorldGuard, bChatManager, Essentials, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, ChestShop, EssentialsChat, Factions, and CombatLog STAFF Moderators: Ancest0ry, LazerMan47, criptwalkingbk Admins: *Cricket cricket* Pre-Mod: abeadles Owner: DrBreadgun Donors: Ancest0ry ($30) SEED Seed: 6615925873122247773 This is for AMDIST users out there in search for a biome.
  4. Can't find the permissions anywhere! I think "factions.access" is the basic permissions for factions, but it doesn't work! What's the permissions?
  5. Just wondering, what essentials version should I use for voltz?
  6. Hello forum, I was playing voltz recently and I need help making advanced rails, there seems to be no wiki page and no recipe was shown via Not Enough Items mod. Help?
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