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  1. Question, does your dad fix computers for everyone around? If so then why are you asking for help here? I am the go to person when it comes to fixing computers in my circle. I have cleaned thousands of viruses, a few worms, and even had to fix corrupted paths (college days, meh). I know what I am talking about when I say that AVG sucks. Most of my friends at college used AVG and would get infected with viruses all the time. I would come and have to clean them. Some would be automatic using better software, and combofix when I needed to clear out a rootkit. Some would be more devious and I have
  2. I wonder if this person even understands the difference between a virus and a worm (no they are not the same thing). Most likely there was a transcription error (either copying to a bad sector of the HDD, corruption in RAM, or something else) that caused the creation of redundant directories. And to assume that AVG is correct, that it is a virus is not the best idea. AVG misses so many viruses, and gets even more false positives through heuristics (look it up). Just because AVG says something is bad does not mean it is. I remember when I was on AVG, and this is when I decided to move off them,
  3. I am not yet on 0.6.1, but I assume this is similar to the issues I have with certain machines on the server I play. If they are controlled by a wireless transmitter and wire then when you leave the area there seems to be a chance that they will stop receiving a signal. I tend to fix this by manually opening the receiver and changing the frequency up by one, then back to the needed settings. This fixes the issue each time, but I do not understand why it happens. I have a chunkloader right there with it set to 3x3. So there is no way the chunk unloads while I am elsewhere.
  4. Great server, great mods, not sure why it is down at the moment. Hope it gets fixed soon. Look forward to getting back on.
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