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  1. Please read our post on our forums about the server's recent update: http://ghostsgaming.enjin.com/forum/page/1/m/12708020/viewthread/7311300-important-news-concerning-tekkit-lite-server
  2. Yea this used to be an old issue, saw your post relating to other IC2 machines. Sometimes it can be fixed by relogging, but in this case it is more of the mod version I think... but it looks like you're in 0.6.5 - same as me - so I'm not sure if perhaps a plugin conflict could cause the same glitch?
  3. 1. GriefPrevention 2. Trade-O-Mat or iConomy credits with ChestShop for selling items 3. Essentials or several other plugins 4. Haven't tested Dynmap on TL, unsure 5. Essentials
  4. How I understand this: "Hello makers of Voltz this is a request for an update it will be good if ICBM is added to tekkit lite I want to run a server and I am debating between Voltz or Tekkit Lite If the ICBM mod comes to Tekkit Lite I would then prefer Tekkit Lite Thanks"
  5. Agreed, 1 sapling, in a 3x3 dirt area, no bonemeal, depends on server tps as well
  6. Pebcos I have promoted you and you are free to play! Remember to read the rules and please register on our forums http://ghostsgaming.enjin.com/
  7. This weekend we'll be changing up Voting: -More $$$ for the players -Easier voting -Logs on the website to potentially give rewards to highest voters! As for quarries, we were testing multiple methods to remove the chunk loading from them but we were unsuccessful once again. The modder has said perhaps in a later version it will no longer chunk load. We are sorry that the changes from the Classic version to the Lite version had to have that feature implemented, many would agree it ruined it for bigger servers. We'll also be swapping around plugins and performing maintenance on them. Please help us improve the experience and use the forums! We have many topics being discussed so please share your thoughts
  8. Jaren is your in game name the same? I can look it up for you to see if either a staff member was not present or if you were denied for some reason. -Please leave your in game name here or private message me it if you want it private. acvlni you're a member now, feel free to join whenever :)
  9. Minerpipo you're a member now, thanks for letting us know! You're free to go out and build etc just remember to check the rules if you haven't already.
  10. Turbo you're a member on the server as confirmed by myself, thank you for letting us know and welcome to the server! *For all others who may read this post, an application on here is not necessary, our staff will process you once you log on as a guest. A simple check on your ban history is all it takes! If we are not on, I will be sure to process your request on here - if not another staff member as someone had already done for Turbo*
  11. Here is a peak at what you will encounter in the resource world: http://ghostsgaming.enjin.com/gallery/m/12708014/detail/132192#pid=1218990
  12. On the moon the power suit moves as if on regular world gravity, causing the body to be out of sync. This happens because its more like a cover and not true armor sticking to the skin.
  13. Also the bags have a dupe glitch -.- I'm just gonna stay away from this version of tekkit for now
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