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  1. My players and I understand this, but a reason would be nice. Have permissions been revoked or is it because it is too buggy for a production build?
  2. Awesome! Is there any ETA on a recommended version?
  3. Do you have any suggestions regarding transferring some content to the new version? How different are item IDs for mods that exist in both version? My players are really concerned about losing all their items in a transfer! (I am planning to copy some chests over)
  4. Sorry for the lack of replies guys, but there was some personal issues going on. The whitelist has been removed. Have fun!
  5. Imposing Hostings Voltz server is a medium sized Voltz server looking to become bigger. We have helpful and trustworthy staff as well as a shop to obtain common materials at. Our shop is constantly updated to make sure your playing experience is as balanced as possible. We have a neat spawn, too! Your playing experience is guaranteed to be awesome. We make sure you are protected by using the latest anti-grief plugins. So grab your friends and give our server a try! We are running the latest recommended version of Voltz to ensure all bug are squashed and everything is updated, so it is
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