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  1. Age:13 (but very mature not like those other whiny 13 year olds that complain about everything) IGN: RM720 Why Do you want to Play on this Server?: I want to get into the new Tekkit because I have been lingering in Tekkit Classic and I want to expand my horizons and play something different. What Do you want to Build?: Well thats hardly a question, I could go on all day about my plans on what I want to build, but my real passion is building public places for all to enjoy, and I also like to start stores and market places and just overall strengthen the servers economy and if doesn't have one I like to make a currency system any way i'm going off track basically I like making things that help others and I like to throw the occasional festival which I find fun .
  2. Does anyone else think that the Tekkit Classic updates should continue? I'm pretty sure Technic stopped updating Tekkit Classic to make other modpacks like the new Tekkit (based on space) and that's not bad i'd just like to see the modpack that started it all get a little more updates like seriously were still on 1.2.5 and Minecraft's already on 1.7 . Anyway my main question is do you think Tekkit should be updated and if so would there be any mods you'd like to see in it ? (P.S. I'm not a Technic official I just want to see peoples opinion on this)
  3. I see that the server is back up thank you for doing that me and my friends are really enjoying playing on the server
  4. Excuse me server admins or owners or any person available at the moment, can anyone please tell me why the server is down,I'm not complaining I'm just wondering why it's been down also admins could you go on the server more frequently because some people have been greifed and no one has been there to help people by the way xxzzshone or something has a hacked client that lets him grief in claims. Thanks for the server also if you could answer that be nice thanks for all the help. Scincerely RM720
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