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  1. Hey I was wondering when a Op will be on the server?!? Ive played for over 3 months and have yet to see one before it shutdown and still havent seen any now that its back. If you need staff I could fill out a application for a Mod

  2. I'll add that in there! Also, another reminder for players. Killing with a mining laser is an instant ban. I had to ban 2 regulars today for doing this.
  3. I'm checking the factory right now and shutting down whatever's inside. I'm not destroying it, just stopping it's work.
  4. Mining lasers have been unbanned! However, if a player is caught purposefully trying to kill someone with one, they will be instantly banned. This is your only warning. I hope you see this. :)
  5. On another note, Thanksgiving Break is on and it would be awesome if everyone would waste away their break on our server. ;)
  6. Are you sure you're on the right server? We haven't gone down in a little over a week. We have had a few problems with lag over the last couple days, but it wasn't anything game-breaking. I'm sorry you had a bad time on the server. :(
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