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  1. RM720 you relise the server was down at those times and now that it is again if Lorenm1998 sees this go to http://tekknologycraft.enjin.com/ Only posted those cause nobody had any where else to go
  2. Hey I was wondering when a Op will be on the server?!? Ive played for over 3 months and have yet to see one before it shutdown and still havent seen any now that its back. If you need staff I could fill out a application for a Mod

  3. Hey Everyone DO NOT go on the other server ip join Lorenm1998 If you see this Do not believe anything danny tells you
  4. Hey for everyone that plays this server join tekkitsrv.dyndns.org And tell them that JRL21 sent you. I am Co-Owner there and played on simply tekkit so i know all of you are without a server but i will help you out on This server
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