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  1. Problem solvedFor future reference:An environment variable named "_JAVA_OPTIONS" was set to "-Xmx512M"Delete it, or change it to a higher value to fix the problem.
  2. Having issues with loading any modpacks other than tekkit lite. I've reinstalled technic numerous times and no changes. Ive set the launcher to use 5gb of my 16 gb PC and i'm using java 8 update 45. the two modpacks i've been trying to launch (serendipity unlimited and technolution advanced) just load up and I get "no responding" very rarely do I get a crash report. Here is a crash report of one of the modpacks: http://pastebin.com/3Uxxzxcp Here is the technic launcher log: http://pastebin.com/76mgAup1
  3. I've seriously tried everything that I can...maybe ive passed over something and im just not understanding it correctly maybe? ...and i wouldnt know where to begin using what you said babbaj.
  4. Just started a server for my husband and I along with a few close friends. Fairly new to this, was wondering if it was possible to install Jammy Furniture Mod and if so could someone give me step by step instructions as I cant seem to find any online.
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