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  1. No wonder dang it was really looking forward to it can one of the staff pm if it comes back online
  2. dear axlsjolund, i applied 2 months ago. i would love to play on your server but i understand that i might not be the type of player you want. i really want to go on, and i never really fit in among other really crowded servers. this server sounds like a great private server just the type for me. thank you for your consideration
  3. i am just wondering, how do you let us know if we are accepted?
  4. 1.MC account name:lukebserrano 2.minecraft experience:since 1.4.5 3.voltz experience:beginner, about a week. 4. level of knowledge on voltz:pretty low, thou i am trying to get on this server so i can learn and have fun plus, i would a total loss without recipe mode. 5. i am lonely when i play single player also i like learn and have fun and your server seems the right place for this 6.what would i do: build a missle silo, make a war game zone, build mostly.
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