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  1. I appreciate both of you gentlemen's help! This is my first time creating a modpack like I said; so I don't have any experience with this. I'm familiar with code and some java, but I've not taken a lot of time to do anything with Minecraft. The reason those folders were zipped is because on a couple of websites I was getting help from said to leave them that way, but I will unzip them. Hopefully I can fix the issues at present and update the pack. I will let you know how everything goes! Thanks again gents!
  2. My modpack that I'm trying to get to work will work as a server, but will not open as a client. I got it to launch the first time I installed everything but it won't even open now. I'm just trying to create a modpack for my friends & I to play with all of the mods we enjoy from other modpacks. It's called, "The MacAllister Modpack". It's uploaded to copy.com and downloads perfectly; however I cannot seem to get it to function as a client. This is my first modpack, so help please. Feel free to download my modpack and troubleshoot it with me. I will be very responsive if anyone would like to message me with suggestions or fixes. Thanks!
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