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  1. Age: 14 In game name: KineticalKaos770 How good do you think you are at building? 7-8 Have you played hexxit? Yes a fair bit. Skype name: Kin
  2. IGN: KineticalKaos770 I am really enjoying Hexxit and all of the mods included, but multiplayer is so much funner. Hoping to join a good server where i can enjoy the people and the pack.
  3. In game name: KineticalKaos770 About me: I enjoy building, exploring and pretty much all aspects of the game. Looking for a server where I can build and survive without fear of having it all taken away by griefers and stuff. Thanks.
  4. In game name: KineticalKaos770 Age: 14 Why Horizon?: From what I've read it seems to be a nice, enjoyable server. What is your goal on the server?: My goal is to build, explore and just to enjoy a different type of modpack.
  5. Username: KineticalKaos770 Age: 14 Why Tekkitopia? I'm forever looking for a small whitelisted server with a friendly community; somewhere to build with confidence in not being griefed. My secret code: 16Kin