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  1. Odd, i've been playing vanilla minecraft and didn't notice anything >.<
  2. Hello there. I've begun upgrading my tekkit server from 2.1 to 3.x, and i decided to simply take the fresh tekkit and start importing things from there. I've installed commandbook, choptree2, permissionsbukkit and safe creeper. These seem to work, or at least they do not give any warnings or errors when starting the server. However, i seem to be unable to actually get on the server. It's hosted on another computer on my lan, and both in hardware and general configuration outside the server nothing has changed. The only message i get is "bad login" client-side, and "[iNFO] / lost connection" server-side. Long story short, i get "bad login" without any errors to google on >.<
  3. delete this, didn't see/read second page &gt;.&lt;
  4. What are you trying to repair? The talisman of repair has a very low passive repair rate, so it might takea (very) long time on certain items. Try a very weak item, for example a stone pick, and see if it repairs that.
  5. As far as i know, the only lasting, zero-maintenance and zero-risk solution would be solar panels. They can be thrown into arrays now, so you can have 8 panels into a single block, then 8 of those crafted into a single block, etc. Just make sure you've got twice as much power being generated during the daylight as you use in both day and night... That's the only drawback really . Other generators such as all types of generators, reactors, etc. require maintenance, and water/wind mills are horrible in terms of setup and reliability. You could go for more fancy stuff like the lava cell condensing idea, but personally i prefer a simple approach for power .
  6. -Check your firewall -Make sure the server is online (ask someone else to see if they can connect, or check a tracking site if that server uses a tracking plugin) -use a correct ip (for example can't start with 192,127 or 10), see if there's a domain instead of ip that you could enter -check what port is used. it's added as &quot;:12345&quot; directly after the ip; no spaces or anything That's about what i can think of... if you're not getting any kind of error besides that one, there's something wrong in connecting to the server. Even if your install were faulty, you wouldbe able to connect and get a more specific error.
  7. Re: Where do i obtain the tekkit 128x128 sphax BDcraft texture pack? Do you mean this one? http://bdcraft.net/ I don't know where you originally found it, but i saw duncan's tekkit vids once, and remembered the non-default look ;P.
  8. Any permissions plugin for the correct bukkit version should work for tekkit - it's just a bukkit install with mods pre-loaded. I use PermissionsBukkit as well; if you want an example config look here: http://pastebin.com/63LySPVq. This is taken directly from my own server, though i deleted names and added a dummy. Keep in mind that this is a basic config, and that i've installed extra plugins that are not part of the default tekkit install. I also don't have any mod-specific permissions; if any of them offer permissions via the api, you can add the nodes exactly like in the example. Also, beware of the formatting. YML can be a pain to work with, and if your plugin loads a file with even a single error, it'll delete the file. Keep a backup of it as you work!
  9. What plugins are you using? If you used just the default tekkit server, everything should blow up wether you like it or not .
  10. If you'd like to keep parts of EE, you can also disable on a per item basis, for example keeping the transmutation tablets while getting rid of generator kind of things.
  11. FYI; if you're hosting on the same computer as you're playing on, the people connecting to you will not have a great experience. Add any lag between your connection and whoever joins, and it's very possible the game is unplayable for others. If you host a server, do it well and put it on a separate box. Tekkit isn't exactly as &quot;light&quot; as vanilla minecraft .
  12. I've been running a tiny server (3 acive players ) with some friends. We're all adults, and have been working together learning about tekkit's mods and how to use them. We currently don't have much configured yet, but you're welcome to join: turnet.no-ip.org:25565. If your IGN is the same as here on the forum, you're whitelisted ;P.
  13. Running tekkit server 2.1.1 and the latest (experimental) client, the mode switch key doesn't function properly. It seems that, instead of toggling, it simply changes the mode while you hold it. Needless to say, this makes the jetpacks the greatest threat to anyone's life, as the damage accumulates more and more as you fall. A few harmless drops easily amount to instant kill on landing. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?
  14. How exactly do i go about that? I don't have much experience with bukkit nor modding, up to a month or so back i always played vanilla minecraft. Would this be an additional mod on the server, or could it be done with a plugin?
  15. Yes but then the crystals will still remain in the nether until a player goes into the nether... Right now the lava is transported using buckets, a tank for buffer and a deployer to fill/empty the buckets. This setup works within one world but not cross-world without player contact