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  1. Just something to prove my legitness as a developer with Voltz For Zombie_Clown (aka Vanilla): "I am a dev TAco" Lovin the server!
  2. Will be fixed in next version. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Should work, but if it doesn't it will work in the next version. http://wiki.universalelectricity.com/wiki/Advanced_Battery_Box
  4. This will be fixed in the next version of Voltz, along with Wireless Power Transfer. :)
  5. Voltz will tend to have more updated mods.
  6. Le Sigh, Le Sob Le boohoohoo, i broke the rules and was scolded by a mod, im never coming back ever again as long as i live YOU AREN'T MY REAL DAD! MOD EDIT: "Fail"ed to read the rules.
  7. These ideas seem really good! We now have an MFE and we are gatherin more resources to test out all if the ideas. Thanks again everyone!
  8. Thanks to everyone for all of the ideas! I will be sure to test them out and pick a favorite.
  9. Hey Technic Players! I have been playing Technic in SSP for about two weeks and I am pretty good with IC2 and Redpower2. On singleplayer I had used Uranium/Nuclear Power. Now I have started to play on an SMP server with a group of me and 3 other friends. This server is hosted by a friends. He made it so Uranium Power Plants don't work. Now I need another LASTING power source. Here is what we have used/are using: Solar (not much because of materials and little power) Windmill (replacing solar because of 24/7 power and up to 4 power) 1 Back up coal generator 1 Geothermal (house is in a volcano but we used all of the lava from it o-O) Here are the machines we are using (IC2): 2 Macerators (use very often) 1 Induction Fernace (use very often) 1 Extractor (not used much) 1 Compressor (not used much) 1 Batbox (used fairly often) We plan to make a Canner and another Batbox soon as well. Also we have all of the Tekkit mods (IC2, BC, EE, Redpower 2) and Iron chests and forestry. (may be more that I am not aware of) What kind of Power Plant should we use? Thanks for any help I can get!
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