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  1. Find ElectricExpansion.cfg in your config folder. Examples: FTB - UniversalElectricityminecraftconfigUniversalElectricity Technic - AppDataRoaming.techniclaunchervoltzconfigUniversalElectricity The second section in that config file titled 'general' appears to pertain to the recipes you want to change. IE: True for both variables would allow both recipes to be used, wool or leather. I have not tested if this even works but if it does I would assume it only works in single player unless you edit the config files on the server to reflect your client changes. Good luck
  2. Has anyone discovered the recipe for making a Coil yet? Its recipe appears to be missing from NEI and the manual (and any other documentation on the matter) to the mod that includes it. So far I have only found success in spawning it in creative mode. Perhaps the transformer is still disabled due to development? I see it does not saving its state when you save/reload the world, otherwise it appears to work as documented.
  3. This is the same problem I ran into, and thanks for clearing this up both of you. Perhaps the electrical expansion mod instead of adding another recipe, replaces the original one in basic components? I was hoping for the former ;(
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    Have you tried pressing E to open your inventory, then pressing the letter O?
  5. In the first recipe, what are the 6 white blocks you have surrounding the copper ingots? The only recipe I can find for the copper wires you describe does not match the screenshots you have posted. I have not checked the accuracy of the other recipes. If I may make a few suggestions: -More details for each item (details/tips from the documentation and tested results) -Full recipes in the second section (and some that are missing in the first, including pictures) -More consistent formatting for all of it Thanks for your effort thus far and keep up the good work!
  6. I agree with you that Voltz is incomplete, as it is still in very early development stages. Now that it has been released to the public I expect development will speed up considerably in terms of user friendliness (including all the things you miss). And from their ambitious goals, it is possible it will be better than the mods that you miss. My simple answer to your question is definitely, no. Rather than add more mods, simply finish the ones that are there first, and I expect Tekkit will be a thing of the past (kind of like MC 1.2.5). Throwing a bunch of barely compatible mods together is exactly the mess that Tekkit is stuck with now, and just one of the many reasons it is still stuck with MC 1.2.5. Starting over is a much wiser approach and thus we have Voltz. A bit of patience is in order Scottish1900, but for now I would take ProfessorFalken's advice if you feel you absolutly cannot live without BC or IC2. Just fyi, it is not a matter of just adding BC or IC2 to the mod package Voltz (this would be no simple matter). BC and IC2 would both have to reprogram their mods to work with the UE api in order to be added to the Voltz package (Among many, many other things) - it is a requirement as stated by the developers. Since BC and IC2 still aren't even fully compatible with each other I expect this will never happen. Starting from scratch or waiting for similar methods to be implemented into the Voltz mods is a more likely outcome.
  7. This is incorrect. And this is incomplete but still more accurate: http://calclavia.com/universalelectricity/?m=4&p=manual#transformer FYI: When you place a transformer block, the input will be the right side (red square). Keep this in mind when placing your block accordingly. If you place it backwards it will not allow electricity to flow through it. I tested the transformer with the 512v output of a heat generator, and for each transformer it subtracted 120v and adjusted the amps accordingly (If you lower the voltage the amps increase and vise versa). I used the block volt meter after each transformer to measure the electricity flowing through it, and at each step it performed as expected from the documentation, subtracting 120v and a very small amount of total power due to the wire resistance (and as stated above increasing the amperage accordingly). I cannot confirm if the transformer is compatible with even higher voltages (Although I expect it is, being the only way to convert between the wildly different voltages, that I know of at the moment). But due to the immense lack of documentation even for each individual mod, only time will tell. Hopefully in the future the transformer will support more than just one setting of 120v increments (120v was a poor choice altogether given the inputs and outputs of all UE devices) because as it stands it is far from ideal (For example to get to the 120v maximum input of the battery box (from the 512v output of the heat generator), one must use 4 transformers stepping down which comes out to roughly 32v to the battery box - In reality you would only use one...). Not to mention it is hard enough to make one transformer given that I cannot find the recipe for the Coil anywhere. The only information I did find was either outdated or simply incomplete.
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