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  1. Hey gonna ask a question here. The obsidian isn't crushing, so am I doing something wrong? I got it hooked up to my battery box and coal generator, and tried plugging in every side of the thing. I also tried putting a battery in the bottom. Still doesn't work.
  2. It says the coal generator needs heat. I've got the thing hooked up to a battery box and everything is all plugged in but I don't know how to heat it. I tried putting fire underneath it, and I can't think of anything else.
  3. What about a vehicle mod? Is there a good one that exists? Maybe something that adds like an electric car or an electric plain?
  4. Scottish, you can't fire a missile at a creeper who is 10 feet away from you and missiles are a pain in the ass to build. Plus, the enderdragon doesn't collide with missiles. I think an easy way to add guns would be to just add a handgun, a sniper, an smg, an assualt rifle and and a shotgun, and then a bullet is crafted with an iron and a flint on top of it gives you ten bullets and if you craft a battery onto a gun it shoots electricity and becomes more powerful and I get off topic but maybe also add a laser sight to make it at least somewhat use UE. A flashlight or flashlight helmet would be handy, too.
  5. Maybe some kind of like nazi zombie style wonder weapon thing that uses electricity?
  6. Also, I might be missing something because I haven't done anything with pipes, but from what I'm aware, there isn't a way of making a factory.
  7. Slender Man


    My NEI isn't working to any extent. I might be stupid, but I checked the modloader thing and it said 19/19 mods loaded, including NEI, but the options button was not there. I skimmed the NEI board and it didn't seem like anything helpful was there, so does anyone know what happened?
  8. ^How do you get the nether ores here? You missed them, and I don't know how to add said ores.