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  1. Ok cause then I think I will pull out everything you can texture and put it into a file for download and make a tutorial on how to edit it and were to put it when your done!!!
  2. I have made texture before but just there are sommany folders and places to look for the textures that i dont even know where to find them. Like I found some of the texture like for millineare. But what Im asking is there a simpler way of doing this than going through every file and pulling them out???? If thats what I have to do thats what ill do but i mean it will take a LONG time
  3. I was wanting to make a texture pack for technic but can't find where all of the textures are. I know for regular minecraft that people have made tutorials on where to find the pics and also some people have made a file downloadable of what you can edit. I was wondering if anyone could help or make a tutorial?? P.s. if this in the wrong section moderators plz move it!!!
  4. Yo I was wondering if you could maybe update this to 6.1.1 cause some of the blocks like the igniter aren't in there and have a purple block. Also I thought that if a texture pack didn't have a texture then why is it purple. But very nice job keep up the good work!!!
  5. There is a laucher called minecraft64 that moders use to test minecraft and i has a cmd in the back so u can just download that
  6. Re: About actually downloading the technic from the laucher??? OH thank you cause I really want to play with the technic and not have to look for miles just for a dungeon cause of one mod so thank you also. If you know a seed that spawn in a normal biome and has no snowy biomes near id like to know one. Cause each time I spawn I always spawn ether beside one or in one. And i really want to play legit. CANT find a map with out snow like right beside it. That another problem that minecraft has to many time do you spawn in a snow biome. SO if you now a seed let me know. Also im running on 6.1.1 technic pack (developement build) SO seed for that build. Also one last question when I open technic pack when i pick developement builds why is there a build that says 1.2.5/7.0.0 Is testing already started on technic 7. Cause if it has I could always help by playing on it and letting you know all the bugs i find If you want. But let me know Thanks, GamerzwinMod Edit: Fucking stop. We know who you are, your name is three quarters of an inch to the left.
  7. Hello, My name is gamerzwin and I'd like to voice an opinion I have about the techinc pack laucher. What it is, is that when you lets say download technic you may not want to have the extra biomes mod (personally i don't like it to much) and I want everything else. I liked it be for hand when you could pick what mods to install. And if you guys can't do anything I will also contact the extra biomes mod maker and ask if they can add a button when your creating a world to chose to put the biomes on or off. The reason why I would like this is because for the betterdungeons the dungeons only spawn in normal biomes and they are rare. But with 28 NEW biomes there are 28x rarer and I don't like. And yes I have messed around with the config for Better dungeons but when I raise the spawn rate then when I do find a normal biome there is like 3 dungeons all beside each other and its weird. So I was wondering if you could ether make an option with out it or Just remove it. And what I found interesting is that when you go into the mods folder its not there so i did some digging and found that you guys actually imbedded it into the modpack.jar and that makes impossible to remove. (well not impossible but id would take forever. So could at the least make it in the mods folder so u can just delete it. If you want. Thank, Gamerzwin