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  1. I just said that kaker once explained (in a long wall of text) everything regarding this. The guy who posted before me asked about it, so I told him to look for kakers post. Dont try to bite my head off, if you dont mind.
  2. I think Kaker explained why they didnt asked permition, about things getting out of control because of that yogscast spotlight. I have no idea where that post was tho.
  3. Nah, you dont need to apologize in any way, I just didnt do it because there's way too many images, resizing everything is a pain. Since they're dynamic (put water/biomass/etc, the texture itself changes) theres about 6 images for each block at the very least. Takes too damn long.} Also, I've just started playing Amnesia, which takes all my "gaming" time, together with dota2, so I'll wait for the next recommended build and get this over with resizing everything (that I need) in the same day. Off-topic: Amnesia is awesome.
  4. I'm just saying out loud that I didnt resized forestry and telling why I didnt. And I dont think every mod has 64x support, I'll pack them if I get inclined to. I'm working/studying way too much that its getting me sick. I crashed for 15 hours a couple of days ago. Anyways, I'll release the texture pack for the technic pack itself. Since I dont really use Technic Pack anymore (I've removed a lot of the mods from it, and add my own mods as I please), I'll make 2 links. 1 will be the technic pack next recommended build with its respective mods. The other will be little separated mod textures for another mods that technic pack doesnt officialy have, but people install it anyways, so you can change it as you need.
  5. The purple parts are unused parts from the mods, if the texture pack makers dont change it to transparent, that isnt my business, since I have 0 knowledge at image editing. The recommended build should work with all blocks fine (without forestry since sengir use about 5-6 images per block...they have the vanilla texture ones)
  6. The supported version of both of these textures are for 6.0.7 (mc 1.1), and they both work fine. There were updates that add or change things, if you try to use it in later versions, they WILL be broken. Dont be a jerk trying to say its my fault. I'm waiting for the 1.2.5 because its prolly were the next recommended build will settle. If you're that impatient, just repack and resize yourself EDIT: Now thinking about it my last answer was a little vague..."IF" you didnt read the whole post, or at least checked the version the texture pack was for. Explaning a bit: The mods update and adds a new block. The texture that is in the pack is all the items into 1 image, and the rest of the image is purple. Thats why the texture is all purple. If it was transparent (there are some mods that leaves it transparent) you wouldnt see a block at all. Thats not my fault by not changing the background, you're just using a texture pack from version "X" with the game + mods from version "Y".
  7. I'll wait until a stable release from 1.2.5 to update both texture packs :P
  8. I'm sorry for double posting, but I kinda need to. 2 reasons: a)I have a request. b)The thread was kinda dead and lost on the 4-5 page. A friend of mine even asked why I had deleted the thread (when I didnt). Anyways. I got some time here at home now and I'll resize the mobs for the 32x, and I'll start the 64x part of sphax, while checking for any news from the faithful pack. My request is about the "full mod support" from sphax 64x. My computer CANT handle all the mods at 64x. Not while taking ages to load, so I'll need someone to test it for me. Please add me on skype: gugglle8d or msn/: [email protected] if you have any interest on it. I'll also ask to people once in a while to post here. This thread is not stickied like the Sphax one, so people tend to think it doesnt exists when it falls off through the forum pages. I'll be editing this post and the OP for more info from the texture packs and for the 64x testing. Thanks in advance, brb with the mob textures. EDIT: Its there. Sphax now updated with the mobs, all 32x. Enjoy. EDIT²: Nothing new for faithful guys.
  9. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [(REAL)Technic 6.0.7 / Tekkit 2.1] Just remember that I will wait until the sphax update to 1.2.5 with all the mods to resize everything that I have to again. Its missing forestry and the mobs there (the mobs I might resize tomorrow...) I'm trying to get into contact with the author so he can put the resized sphax here, since most people CANT use the search and will miss the 32x pack.
  10. Quote from the OP. I'm not the maker of the texture pack or its mod support. Read the entire thread and you will know why I didnt updated it so far. There's NONE updates for now. The guy who made most of the mod support that I'm using is on a hiatus, he's not working on anything. Please, read the entire thing...
  11. Am....anyways...lets move on. Since the most important modder from faithful is on a "hiatus", I resized sphax to 32x and I'll put a link on the OP as well. I'm trying to contact the guy who made the sphax thread so he will post it there, but for now, I'll keep it here. Remember, none of this is my work. I did not made the Sphax Texture Pack, I just resized it to 32x. **It's still quite laggy since it has (almost)all the mods, but It should be working for most. *** I did NOT made the forestry blocks (there's too many images for me, at least for now, I'm tired), neither the mobs, for the same reason. Here's the link if you want to try it. http://www.mediafire.com/?76l5emw9cf41hqj
  12. Gets old quite fast if you read some forums out there. They are funny here, mostly, but yeah, I do avoid them.
  13. Mostly posts like this. "HALP!!! FIX IT, IT DOSENT wORK!!!!!11!eleven!1"
  14. Odd. I'm using a custom TP, so maybe in some update he changed something. The other files were always there, I've never got why. Seems he changed the file from where he loads the alc chest in new versions. I'll try to edit my way and update asap, if I didnt find anything done already. (You can look into the EE mod.rar, there is an "alcchest" image, he's loading that one)
  15. Took a quick look before study/bed into the faithful pack forum post. There is nothing new, not for mods at least. Thaumcraft 2 is already on their list, so we will have to wait for them. I'll look into the reported bugs (but I dont know if I'll be able to fix it) and take another quick search into the forums, but I dont think there is anything new. But just for the sake of an update, I'll use the HD textures that came with the weapon mod (they are 64x i think but oh well). EDIT: The electrolyzer is fine here, as well as the alchemical chest o.O. Anyways, uploading right now the "update". Soon to be in the OP. EDIT²: Ok, its uploaded and OP edited. Kinda tired already, so I'll mess in the forum and play a bit, then sleep, good night .
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