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  1. HEYO! I was wondering if I can use your SMP's Revival Textures and finish the mod support. I will give all credit to your textures and will link to your post. All I'm doing is finishing the things you didn't. So, MSG me with your response.

  2. This is the one you've been waiting for. SMP's Revival Technic'd The textures in this pack are the combination of SMP's work and mine (artistic credit to SMP, pixel pushing credit all mine) . It's not 100%, but it has a lot of the most common ugly bits fixed. Lemme know what you think! WARNING - This may not work in the dev version of Technic 7!! It's been tested with Technic 6 and Tekkit tho.
  3. Regarding Dokucraft there's some partial support. IC2: BC/RP: Can't really answer to the quality of said textures, but whatevs. In addition, there is some middling-quality texture addons for Isabella for all the mods in tekkit, found here: