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  1. I noticed that you would like to update SMP's Revival Technic'd. I have permission from KakerMix, and if you would like to help, then thanks in advance!

  2. HEYO! I was wondering if I can use your SMP's Revival Textures and finish the mod support. I will give all credit to your textures and will link to your post. All I'm doing is finishing the things you didn't. So, MSG me with your response.

  3. Im still working on the SMP, i havn't finished enought to take ingame pics but i should soon! I do go to high school so its not like i have all the time on my hands.. no offence
  4. Hello everyone, I have been working on a few 16x textures for the people on my server that play with really shitty computers. I have to say that not all the mod in Tekkit are in this since I have a custom server so all of them are but some of them I added in as extras! I am not complete but I will post pictures very soon. Nyan's 16x SMP Revival Mod Support (REAL) So for a while now I've been using ColTim's SMP's Revival Technic'd Texture Pack. I had noticed that all of his textures are not complete. So after a while I got tired of seeing the default textures of some things like the al
  5. Don't disturb me, I'm bacon pancakes.

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