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  1. Their is a mod called plasmacraft on the MC Forums and I was just wondering if it was possible to add it to TP, Probably not considering the mod has like 7 block id's left, but what do I know i din't make the game. so if it can work which version should I use (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/257818-124smpssp-plasmacraft-liquids-acid-energy-weapons0283292012/)
  2. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [Technic 6.0.7 / Tekkit 2.0 and down] AWSOME 8)
  3. Re: [V1.0][survival] Survival Island For Technic ! Challenges Posted! I shall get to work on this, EDIT: Already done!
  4. Re: [survival] Survival Island For Technic ! Challenges Posted! V1.0 Okay Look Under the Rubber Tree If you can't get saplings ...( Theirs a chest under their!)
  5. Re: [survival] Survival Island For Technic ! Challenges Posted! ON IT!
  6. Eventually Someone Is gonna make this So why not?! Download: NOTE : If you cannot Get rubber saplings Theirs a chest under the tree. MediaFire:http://www.mediafire.com/?o0v74bq13y2u2mu Direct: Challenges: 1.Make A EE Tablet 2.Make a Destruction catalyst 3.Make a full Red matter Armor and tools set. 4.Make an atou-Weat farmer and harvester 5.make a Ruber tree farm harvester And planter. 7.Make a Under water and over water Quarry 8.Make an Atou braking Cobbel Genertor 9.Make a diamond factory 8.Make Jet pack 9.Make a diamond Drill 10.Make 10 Induction Furnace 11.Make A 5 Chamber Nuclear reactor an power the Induction Furnace ----------------------------EXTRA CHALLENGES------------------------------------------ 1. Combine Your Ractor And your diamond factory using Electric Engines 2.Make An over water and inder ground Minecart Bridge to other land Using Rails From a Railcraft 3.Make 5 Solar Flowers 4.Make a Lava Factory in the nether 5.Defeat Ender Dragon Using nano Sowrd Final: Make 3 nukes and Destroy all 3 dimensions! More comming soon If you find any Errors in the post or the map , Please post them on Here
  7. I have been useing a Doku Texture pack for technic. Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?xbz3wz03220t1ja One thing you'll need to get the doku support For rail craft Here:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16340814/railcraft.png You put the file in /Minecraft/Railcraft_clinet_X/Textures
  8. Are their any texture packs out there that anyone has found?
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