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  1. What if you give me another chance what do u have 2 lose? You even know that i left that server and i told prime 2 not go there anymore
  2. WHAT!!! i am in fact 100% sure that i didnt change any facts around and ik y i was banned cuz of only asking 1 PERSON who was someone who was my friend IN-GAME!!!!
  3. i never said to move off this server? i just said i wont be on this server cuz i found another server i never asked them 2 join me. I only asked Prime just cuz we were close 2 being a team and now we r team and now im banned. Give me another chance and I won't
  4. What if u remove my "bad mouth" and also i only pmed prime the IP ONE TIME and that was only once i never was like "hey come over 2 this server"*gives ip*. Plus when were others involved in the drama between u and me? OK sorry i didn't mean the term "bro" but i never gave the IP out more than once and that one time was to PrimeExia. If you even check the pm's and all chat during the time i was on you would see only 1 IP was given out to ONLY PrimeExia. I'm using caps for some words to show the specific words.
  5. Plus i stopped at that point all i really said was "hey bro i quit this server so if u want me dont expect me 2 be on alot" for that period of time i was pro on the other server. If you dont give ne another chance I will try again and again to tell u cuz i really did like the server b/c of the community
  6. Bro can i be unbanned cuz back then you said it in a very fierce way by saying "hey stop it bro" and i felt that wasnt right so i didnt really like that part. But now i want back in if u dont unban me oh well but if i'm not told in a simple way like a simple kick saying "Don't advertise other servers" and that would be easily understood. If you unban me i'd be happy please give another chance
  7. LOL gg ll_star this is y i dont really like this server you don't get treated kindly. its a rough road on this server
  8. Ok i just hope cuz if we get rolled back really hard I will lose my 3 mfe's which took me about 20-30 min 2 make
  9. Remember 2 re-load all progress saved? I was doing some expensive stuff so I hope it doesnt get deleted