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  1. Some reason, I keep getting this image below every time I try to log on to the server. :-( Any way to fix it? Username: CodeShort
  2. In game name - CodeShort Age - 16 Location - Chicago, US Are you currently banned from any servers? - Not on any Tekkit servers this moment. Minecraft experience to date - I've been playing Minecraft for around one year now, and have introduced myself to Tekkit Lite. I have not yet experienced Tekkit Classic, but I am having more interests in it now. It's told to be an old 1.2.5 Minecraft version of Tekkit Lite, and I would like to join it myself on a whitelisted server where I know getting in is difficult. I like it where its not open always to the Public, but a sort of private space to play on. A short paragraph on why you would like to play on our server - I would very much admire playing on the server as I see how you handle troublemakers and consequences which I can respect. I admire the guidelines and see it is as they say ' The Real Deal'. I preferably like this one as your very handy Dynmaps and Mumble channel. I don't have to constantly type out for any help, instead I could use Mumble to clarify and talk with the staff such as 'Mano a Mano'. I am not one of those children who run around everywhere dig dirt holes, place dirt, and just run off. Lucky for me, I have OCD, which if you don't know as I prefer is Overly Cleaning Disorder. It means I like a lot of items and environment organized to the best it can be. I love this trait of mine and see it very helpful in applications like these. This is all I have to say for my knowledge on my wanting of the server and hopefully I am accepted to be welcomed in the community. :-)