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  1. yeah not up if you want people to play on your server LEAVE IT UP or its just annoying to those who look at your thread
  2. no some one replied and told me to come to this thread and so i and sorry and ill stop posting things
  3. on my 1.0.11 voltz server people cant craft fission reactors and stuff and i thought if i updated if would fix it but i cant find the latest voltz server on the download it still says voltz server 1.0.11
  4. my server has plugins and the spawn is being built now i just need people to play on it
  5. but he should have put it in the tekkit section
  6. yeah i guess it was to hostile but if he wants to get staff on a tekkit server than why did he post in the technic section
  7. if you want to go on a server THEN DON'T POST INTO TECHNIC SECTION you want to play tekkit than post in the tekkit section
  8. this is a thread for help with server problems and how to port forwarding