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  1. I can't find any fix for this. I died on my server (I can't remember whether I was a clone or my real self at the time, pretty sure I was a clone) and ever since I have not been able to take damage, not even from block suffocation or starvation. When I died, I could tell something was wrong because it did the Sync mod character switching camera trick twice and it was all very buggy. I didn't lose my Advanced Genetics traits either. I assume I have to delete my player.dat but is there anyway other than deleting my .dat to fix this? I don't want to lose all of my map waypoints and morphs e
  2. Yes issue caused by too many sparkles conflict. RESOLVED BY INSTALLING OPTIFINE Maybe.
  3. Just came back to this thread to mention that I successfully managed to install Thaumcraft 3 into our Tekkit Lite server. I also got the world regen working by folowing the instructions on the TC3 page and we have ores and nodes on our existing world in chunks that were already loaded which is sweet! It was very simple, I just used Filezilla to connect to our Clanforge server and dropped the Thaumcraft zip file into the mods folder. I also dropped a copy into the mods folder within the Plugins folder for good measure. For my client, I just dropped the zip straight into my mod folder.
  4. Well, once you have run a couple quarries you are pretty much there. An Ender Pearl can be created by combining a Minium Stone and 4 iron ingots. Simples and well worth the investment. Especially considering how easy they are to move and redeploy. But yeah, one on every machine is a bit much. Use one at either end of a line of energy conduits, one recieving and feeding into the conduits which feed into another tesseract which is set to send. You can pipe into the line of conduits no problem.
  5. The most popular texture pack for tekkit lite is SphaxPureBDCraft. You need to go to their website and download the main texture pack file. Then you will need to navigate to the Sphax Tekkit Lite add-on page and download the file there. Now you will need to drop the contents of the add-on file into the main Sphax download file. You will now have most of the mods covered by Sphax but I would recommend downloading the Feed The Beast Sphax add-on as well and dropping that in in the same way as you did the Tekkit Lite add-on. If you add mods, just checkl the add-ons section of Sphax we
  6. You can go further and get rid of all the pipes and potential weak points by just installing a tesseract directly next to any machine that will accept the input (most will). In the case of energy, just use an energy bridge to convert from MJ to EU as needed. Tesseracts are cheap and fun to make so I have them everywhere.
  7. I don't know what you mean! Just cycle from your power tool to your pickaxe in your hot bar and hit stuff with it. It will not be a power issue. Flying causes you to break blocks slower. Sometimes you can get a glitch if you break blocks too quickly and the server will replace them. There is no packet data to worry about on the powersuits, the power is available instantly and is either there or not. Have you actually installed the pickaxe add-on to the power tool?
  8. Well if you can mine normally with a pickaxe with no problem the issue is with the power tool. You can still use a pickaxe whilst wearing the powersuit.
  9. The mod is is quite good but is a WIP and as such any number of bugs are conceivable. I kind of agree with you that it is annoying having so many cut and paste doors in your world though. Go to the wiki page to see if it has any applications for you. Or why not contribute something to the modpack you are using and take the time to go and check the website and report the bug?
  10. That'll be a Dimensional doors DIM. The Mystcraft ones are clearly marked with Myst or something.
  11. Avoid pipes as much as possible, they will always create a bottleneck somewhere. Use conduits instead. BC pipes are so old hat, you may as well play in black and white.
  12. I would need a shard... so you see the issue. I should be able to cheat a wand though if it can be built without any research prerequisites. I just want a way of checking the install has worked that doesn't involve traveling to new chunks.
  13. Ah ok, thanks for that. I had a feeling that was why we couldn't cheat in the stuff, but my mate and I traveled for miles in search of shards and quicksilver trees and found nothing. That was when we tried to spawn the items in. Is there one block that doesn't require research to build so I can use when I test the install? The base block of the mod? I don't wanna spend half hour searching for the new ores fruitlessly!
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