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  1. Thanks so much for replying on short notice. It all seems pretty straightforward. Essentials and CoreProtect are really easy as I have set them up before. TekkitRestrict just seems so confusing so that is why i was requesting help. The only problem is that I have so little money the donation might not be there :/ I can give you a special rank on my server though if you would like? One question What does installing MCPC+ do? Doesnt ForgeBukkit take its place?
  2. Hi guys,I am just starting to setup a Tekkit server but I am absolutely horrible with plugins. Basically what I am asking is if there are any experienced coders willing to help me setup various plugins and/or help me understand how to use them. These are my plugins that will need to be setup: PermissionsEx Towny Gringotts Lockette Stats Achievements 2.0 Tekkit Restrict Essentials KitPlugin CoreProtect KRandomTeleport WGKeepInventoryFlags WGCustomFlags AutoRank NoLagg All I need are permissions setup for these plugins after my initial configurations are made. Additional details will be addressed as presented. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  3. Permissions is quite a big problemo in my schemes...

  4. Hello luke,I was wondering if you may have forgotten about the pack I had uploaded. I have updated the links so If you can now make it that would be great!

    1. lukeb28


      Its not that I forgot, I have just been very busy updating my server. I can get back to making the packs now.
    2. NuclearSnowman


      Sorry to bug you,I understand that you have little time. Thank you greatly for making my a modpack :)
  5. Hello Luke, I was trying to do this myself but I seem to be in a losing battle. Could you throw together a modpack containing Pixelmon 2.1, Millenaire 4.6.0, Clay Soldier version 911, SanAndreasP's Manager Pack version 14 (for clay soldiers),The Mists of RioV version 1.3.0, and Zan's Minimap. If you can do the versions listed that would be great, if not that is ok too I would prefer for it to be 1.5.1 Forge, if possible
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