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  1. Hey guys. Check out what I made. lol http://imgur.com/gallery/Dpqucrg/new
  2. Hey everybody. Long time no see. Andarden here. Can someone verify my IP so I can log in?
  3. Hey loff or gen whoever is on, message me how to talk to you.
  4. I'm not a prick. You got banned then the world was lost along with the ban list and you had the audacity to think we were going to let you back on. Loff will support me on this one.
  5. Hi there, Andarden here, I'm gonna back you up 100% on this one karth. Everytime I had contact with Aaron he was usually requesting me to fix his own mistake then would whine and complain endlessly because I didn't give him free items back. He constantly talked back and when I told him why he was not receiving help he would make up some new reason. TL;DR: Aaron deserved the ban.
  6. Hey Gen, Andarden here, So when do we start moving buildings? I want to get my castle moved over so I don't lose progress. Let me know please.
  7. Check out what Generic looks like for the holidays!
  8. So everybody listen up, somehow all the claims got deleted and spawn got griefed. Go back and make sure you reclaim everything and protect your things. I am on the watch for people taking unclaimed property. If you are caught, you will be banned immediately, no exceptions. Three people who have removed blocks from spawn have been banned. Don't be stupid. We will catch you.
  9. Yeah the server isn't getting deleted so it doesnt make sense to start blowing things up. Also you broke into my base and stole stuff from me. Not cool Angry.
  10. If any mods see istealBudder online, tp to his new base and see what he has stolen this time.
  11. Ok now seriously, can we get the tesla taken out? the coordinates are +7958, -287. Don't get too close or the server crashes. try using RN from a distance or something. Mods, admins, Generic anybody please. I'm sick of not being able to play.
  12. Have we nuked the tesla yet? I still cant log on. When are we going to get this resolved. If anyone can help, I have the coordinates of the problem. Anybody care to help the admin out?
  13. Well this is exactly why I hate tesla coils. They only ever cause problems. And now I can't play because of one. This is frustrating. Generic please help soon.
  14. Yes I logged out from there last night so when I got back on today I was still there. What piece specifically did you put do you know? oh and by the way this is Andarden. Just so you know.
  15. Yeah and I was stuck at your base helping you with your ME system. So what did you do last that made it crash?
  16. So I have an issue. I Teleported to help someone and now every time I log in, I crash the server. I need someone to help move me away from there.
  17. The link says its offline. Went down around 3 hours ago.
  18. Hey everybody this is a great site to check if the server is down BEFORE posting on the thread. http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  19. I caught Cenoura_felf with the majority of my lost items. When confronted about it, he didn't seemed very concerned that I was taking everything he owned. It also appears that he might have other people's items too, but I am not sure. His ME system was made of exactly what was missing from mine. His two friends who he originally claimed had built the system (though coreprotect showed that it was in fact him that placed the blocks) are also banned. Cenoura_felf rellfy mister_enonymus
  20. Hi there, Andarden here. Somebody got into my base and wrecked my ME system. They took all my items on the drives. There is no record of it on coreprotect. Help?
  21. hey Generic. Do you think you could post a picture or something of what you are envisioning for spawn? To give everybody some guidelines for how to build?
  22. Found a couple people who have appeared to have tampered with claims. They are as follows: Ghost_Paladin Poseidoncrafth lukasduus matheusreal4068 they have been banned. If there are any issues please let Gen know. I am sorry if I have wrongfully banned anybody. I don't like doing it, I just don't want further destruction on the server.
  23. Ok so we finally stopped the client crashing issue with that part of Jef's whatever it was underground, but now it is crashing the server I think. Idk what to do....
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