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  1. OK, now that permissions have been fixed donation has been made, although I was able to use set home and teleport to it yesterday anyway! Is this intentional?
  2. Yep, man do I feel stupid now .. didn't see anything on that in any wiki/documentation
  3. Hey, Had a quick look and I can only find one thread on this with an answer that does not make any sense so .. My not enough items interface has stopped working, all I get is my bog standard inventory screen. The problem first occurred on a server, so I tried a single player game, same issue, so I changed the VOLTZ build to update the pack, same issue, so I re-downloaded the Technic Launcher, and I still have the same issue. Anyone come across this, or even better know how to fix it? Thanks in advance
  4. I second a server status tab on the ckvoltz website (assuming it is not too much of a task) Maybe the server just doesn't like me as the issues started less than 5 minutes after my first log in!
  5. OK, on my way! Also, Quick question that I can't seem to find an answer to, is the server 24hr, as I just got booted off with an "end of stream message" after 2 minutes? ...... Ah - post title claims 24/7 so I guess there is a sever issue?
  6. IGN: methom1 How long have you played Minecraft for: 1 year How long you have played Voltz for: 3 weeks Your Voltz skill level (1-10): 5 Why do you want to join this server? It's fairly new and looks like a good place to start before all the good stuff is taken!