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  1. I find it strange that Voltz have not been updated for a while. Especially since all the mods in the modpack looks to be updated to the new Minecraft. But I'm guessing the creators are not looking here anyway so I don't know why I post anything heh.
  2. Off topic: You should check out the splendid total remake TerraFirmaCraft - at least when it comes to Minecraft 1.5.1 within a few days. Love that mod. You could do alot of nice tutorials on it (can show you stuff if you want to).
  3. Maybe use some of bukkit's spawn mods?
  4. You can also use a Hobbyist's Steam Engine to power it (with a lever).
  5. Maybe wait some for the Voltz version for Minecraft 1.5. I would guess it´s out within a week.
  6. Maybe you could give us more info, like Minecraft version, Voltz version and so on.
  7. 1) Maybe you can find a custom modpack for the server in the tachnicpack site: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/list 2) Alternatively to download: http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/voltz/Voltz_Server_v1.1.3.zip Open it up with Winrar/7-Zip and such, get the mods in mod folder, and insert them into your: C:\Users\USENAME\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\voltz\mods\ Where USERNAME is the name you have set in your computer. This will manually update your mods- But do not change anything in Techniclauncher options or the old ones will be downloaded again.
  8. Anyone found any other changelog for Voltz mods?
  9. I think a new version will be released soon with the new Minecraft 1.5 redstone update that will probably arrive tomorrow. By the changelog/twitter of universal electricity they are about halfway done and begun just a few days ago updating it.
  10. Latest Voltz hase some serious memory leak, filling up gigs of rams in a few minutes slowing and finally crashing the game.
  11. Same problem here, along with a huge memory leak, crashing the game within a few minutes. Also using Sphax.
  12. You can see versions on your mods when you have started Minecraft before you have joined any game, press the mods button in the menu.
  13. Latest as in TechnicLauncher latest? It doesn't have the latest. Latest as in Voltz 1.1.3 (extracted from the serverfile)? Check if you really have the latest by checking Voltz mod folder. The version should be: Powersuits v0.3.0.178.
  14. The mod themselves report there are updates for them, but the server might not support them. You can easily extract the latest mods from the server file (using Winrar, 7-zip and such) - in the mod folder (and remove the old ones). As long as you don't change options in TechnicLauncher it should not try to update the mods itself. http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/voltz/Voltz_Server_v1.1.3.zip
  15. As the Voltz site changelog have not been updated in a while I hereby provide a changelog for the newest versions of Voltz. I compared mods included in the different server download files. I hope this will be helpful and will be added to the Voltz site. Railcraft changelog. Universal Electricity changelog. Mekanism changelog. From site:
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