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  1. The I.P. is at the top of the page, the very first sentence of the page!
  2. We have resolved all lag issues now, so the server is up and running smoothly, come along and join in the fun.
  3. Thought I would update this thread, I have resolved this issue, it was none of the problems above, it turned out that a player had gone out 20,000 blocks on the Nether world and had been using lots of antimatter missiles and they were still going off, I installed world border and reduced the size of the world significantly and trimmed off the excess, and tadaaa! no more lag so were back open for business now.
  4. OK I am officially saying I am truly stumped on this one, and in need of some real advice. I am having problems with TPS rates, if I join my server TPS report at 20.0 which is good, but in a short space of time I can watch this figure drop and drop until its at around 3.0 TPS. This is the strange part, if i travel to the nether the TPS in the overworld creeps back up again until its back at 20.0 This is the same for any player of the server, I have tried the following: - Removed the plugins - definitely not a plugin problem - Cleared the world anchors - Turned world anchors o
  5. I've been trying to find a way around this problem for about 2 months now, with no joy whatsoever, So yes I believe that until the Voltz pack is updated and we can use newer versions of Bukkitforge, I think we are stuck with this, the way I got around some problems though was creating kits that users could use, the problem of not being able to craft obsidian armor or battery boxes I put them into a kit and that solved those issues. Failing that stand next to the person and throw the items to them or do invsee and put it in their inventory. (invsee only works if you are close to the person
  6. Voltz ores are now present in the ground below sea level, the game was proving too difficult for players, there are kits available to enable players to get a battery box and obsidian items. See you all there.
  7. I have the following signs set up in essentials like so: enabledSigns: - color - balance - buy - sell - trade #- free - disposal - warp #- kit #- mail #- enchant #- gamemode #- heal #- info #- spawnmob #- repair - time - weather As normal remove the hash tag to enable the signs you want players to use. Then make sure that each permission group you want to be able to access the sign has the appropriate essentials permission node like this essentials.signs.use.<signname>
  8. Yes im using Bukkitforge, and essentials, and all signs are working.
  9. I.P. us1.voltzarma.net Website http://voltzarma.net Factions - PVP - No Lag - Factions Chat 24/7 Recommended: 1.0.11 Welcome to our brand new server Win Family Voltz We have devised this server map to be possibly the most challenging map you will find for Minecraft Voltz, the world map is a vast expanse of decayed cities and mountains called “The Waste” survival in this region will be a challenge, can you survive? its time to find out. The story so far……. The world as we knew it was slowly being destroyed by warring factions, each blindly fighting for suprema
  10. Aw this is a total nightmare, ive just spent 2 months developing a server and website for this, and now its put on hold, just when everyone is screaming out for an update on it. Its a shame, real shame, and really annoys me, we had put so much hard work into the server and website.
  11. I too am unable to use /give and /invsee If I issue the /give command it reports that it has given the items yet they never appear in the recipients inventory, If I issue /invsee command I just get nothing. and console dosnt report any errors
  12. Hmm was wondering if this will work with Voltz? if it would where would I find all the Voltz item id's and meta data?
  13. I was wondering if it is possible to import all the voltz item and meta data into Essentials items csv file, if so where would i find a list of all the item id's and metadata included in Voltz mod pack
  14. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of a good Anti-Cheat plugin that works with voltz server. I have tried No Cheat Plus and Anti Cheat but both don't like Voltz very much and they just kick everyone accusing them of cheating or flying!!! Ive looked into the log files for them and it looks as though it is an issue with speed of a player, and despite changing the speed it still kicks players or freezes players. I really need some sort of anti cheat protection on my server. I am using BukkitForge-1.4.7-257.jar and the last recomended build of Voltz. Thank you.
  15. Hi everyone just to let you know I have resolved this issue, another plugin (ChestRestock) was breaking the protection on the chests, I have removed the auto restocking of chests in the spawn shop. Thanks anyway
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