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  1. Hello SDuck, im really eager to start playing on the server again but i am unable to after my previous account being lost. Idk what happened to it but so i can play i would like u to whitlist my account pspalimali. thx, -KUHEYLANIM
  2. IGN: pspalimali age: 16 why this? i love tekkit lite and am looking for a server where there will be nothing preventing me from building my tekkit dreams. your secret cide: 10psp
  3. IGN: pspalimali Age: 15 Reason? Love tekkit lite and non crowded multiplayer server are a reason to enjoy its maximum fun. This Server? Like i said, non crowded, and will hopefully be friendly. Also i hate servers with all that bunch of coding and griefed spawns or whatever. Banlist: not gonna find me on them.
  4. I actually asked if u can unlist neoster and whitelist pspalimali so i can play. Srry for reposting but i wanna play...
  5. I actually asked if u can unlist neoster and whitelist pspalimali so i can play.
  6. SDuck ca u unwhitelist neoster678 and add pspalimali, account problems..heh.. oh, and i didnt know i could get my old claim:)
  7. SDuck, i hope u remember me. May you also whitelist neoster678 as something has happened with KUHEYLANIM. It says password or whatever is incorrect so might as well play on another account. Thank you.
  8. 13 and humorous location east coast US, Georgia Build style also varied There are many public servers to play on but in which u dont get fun do to the amount of players on them. I would like an experience with a couple friends in which i can offer all my hardwork and experience in tekkit. Email- [email protected] IGN- KUHEYLANIM
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