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  1. I might be able to hook you up with the server files/map from the old JWL Tekkit server, Claw. Give me a headsup if youre interested. :)
  2. ..Cough Cough.. After mrbabe's exams, he might put up a new server. Im not promising anything, but just keep your heads up. *cough cough* *dissapears*
  3. Yea sorry guys (and ladies? O.o) I would love to run the server, but im in college and have 0% knowledge on how to run a server. Im sure that JWL will be revived after JD gets good grades at University. I had a great time with the most of you guys and I wont forget that, I hope that you guys feel the same about this :3 The main reason why I wasnt really active for so long was because there is an awesome vanilla (omg look at dat noob playin vanilla, wat a weirdo.) server that has been on top of the best server list on PlanetMinecraft for the past year. Look for Gazamo if youre interested. <3 you all and peace out
  4. Managed to remember my password for the account on the forums, yay I can now finaly keep people up to date again :)
  5. And the community loves you Burp The spawn isnt done yet mrbabe! I still need to add more details! ~~~why is the server down?~~
  6. yea the new spawn is darn awesome, burned my neck today though. 30 degrees D:
  7. Yea im to awesome for everyone, so ill go live on a island far away from everyone and never talk in chat ever again!
  8. We want more female mods though, mrbabe seems to work harder when there are females on ;)
  9. Note: Mod applications on the JWL Gaming forums please That way its easyer for us to look at it.
  10. Dont bump the post with ''bump'' just tell something awesome on the server instead. we dont want the forums mods/admins to rage on us. so cut it off! >:(
  11. the server post will be updated soon, but i need more screenshots! dont make me go get those myself!
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