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  1. A new voltz server in need of staff. apply below. Ranks available 1x Admin 4x Moderator and lots and lots of players Rules: 1. Be kind to all staff and players 2. No Duping 3. Keep cursing at minimum! 4. Have fun Banned Items: 1. All Anchors (lag) 2. All Red-matter Items (lag) 3. All Energy Cubes (buggy) 4. Tinker Table (Dupe Glitch And There Is Some At /warp tinker) Copy and paste this for and application. User Name: Age: Why should you be staff: Experience: HAVE FUN!
  2. IGN: mclord112 Age:15 Rank applying for: Admin Experience: I owned a server for 3 yrs. Reason i should be hired: I know what needs to be done on a server and how to control it well.I will ALWAYS be the best person i can be. Also: people say i am a great builder and i will always be willing to help.
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