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  1. I am currently having issues with my Tekkit Legends server getting it to startup. It works fine using the default start compiler but I want the server to be Bukkit capable and so I am trying to use the latest Cauldron version but it seems to fail to start up. crash-2016-03-05_23.34.00-server.txt fml-server-latest.log
  2. I protected my spawn with that it works but it duplicates the missiles.
  3. Sanctioned Core Gaming SanctionedVoltz Server Currently looking for 2-3 dedicated administrators to help run/manage the voltz server. Must fill out application below. Currently looking for a Graphic Designer as well as a Public Relations member to help with the development of the server. (Need a logo) Server IP: Server Staff: Owner - marines4ever Administrator - To Be Announced Administrator - To Be Announced Moderator - To Be Announced Rules: 1) No Spamming 2) Do not disrespect players or staff ("Treat people the way you would like to be treated") 3) Do not build or dig 1x1 towers. 4) Do not leave floating trees 5) Do NOT ask for Op/Admin/Gamemode/Moderator/Items or any other item that would mean cheating for. 6) Do not exploit any bugs or glitches. Such as Dupe Glitching 7) Do not spam explosives such as TNT, Missiles, grenades, etc. Current Plugins: Essentials WorldEdit GroupManager WorldGuard Factions
  4. IGN: marines4ever AGE: 16 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: No I have never been banned from any server. WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? I like tekkit because of it's unique features rather than vanilla minecraft. It offers a lot more to playing Minecraft and just expands into many places, I love BuildCraft as well as IndustrialCraft and I enjoy using EE but I love building. WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? I am great with building and I enjoy playing with many new people. I also hope to start in a new community and just expand from there. If you are looking for a teamspeak server I have my own teamspeak server, 24/7 being hosted by a good friend of mine.
  5. In Game Username: marines4ever Age: 16 Country: United States of America Why would you join our community?: I want to join this community in hopes of finding a newer and much more friendly staff/player based community where everyone can just enjoy themselves and play with many others. If you want to join, explain how you will help us, if help is needed?: I will do anything in my power to help this community in any way, if it being helping build the community and just get it noticed, or just doing what I am told by those running the community. Do you agree on all of the rules?: Yes I do. To prove that you read all of the rules, how many rules are there?: There are 5 rules currently, from the time I have submitted my application. Will you be kind to our community?: I will most definitely be kind to everyone in this community, if it being staff and/or the players at all times. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?: I enjoy playing minecraft as well as tekkit as it offers a much wider reach for minecraft, but I also hope to expand into other games in the future once I build my own computer... that wont have 5 FPS when I try record something with Fraps... And thank you for taking the time to read my application.
  6. Why do you want to be a Moderator/Admin? I would like to be an Administrator because I know I have what it takes to be an administrator and I personally cant stand griefers and Xrayers/hackers in general. I know what it means to be an Administrator and always enjoy being an Administrator because players look up to you and you bond with the players. How many hours per week you think you can dedicate to the server? I can dedicate atleast 50 hours a week to the server. What experience do you have? I have run my own servers in the past, and been an Administrator and Moderator on previous servers. What is your location? United States of American - East Coast GMT-4 What is your age? 16
  7. In game name: marines4ever Age: 16 Country: United States of America Why should we hire you: You should hire me because of my dedication and willingness to achieve the greater good for this community, I will ensure that all players are fair to each other the players and the staff, and make sure to prevent griefers or catch griefers or any other server rule breaker. Previous Experience: I have run my own Minecraft servers in the past been an Admin/Moderator on another server.
  8. I just joined the server literally 5-10 minutes ago, and it looks absolutely amazing.. I hope to make this my home if nothing bad happens as I continue to play on the server, and I will be applying for Staff soon, assuming you are hiring, as I have run my own Tekkit and regular Minecraft servers in the past.
  9. IGN: marines4ever Age: 16 Suggestion for the server: I think you should establish a special area in the Orbit world for Tributes/monuments, where a person can just create something for the players on the server to see, I enjoy building things ranging from castles to futuristic and un-realistic space thingies...
  10. In-Game Name: marines4ever Age: 16 Experience with Tekkit: I am not so experienced with tekkit, I understand it but it can confuse me at times, I try study all the mods one by one learning them but you know, it can be challenging, just takes time to memorize. Did you read the rules?: Yes I have read the rules. Your personal link: Why were you banned?[if not leave blank]: