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  1. Alright, after having to reform our map and re-do a few of the problematic rules our server is once again open to recruiting. Feel free to post here if you wish to join, just be sure to read the Original Page first as some things have changed. Thanks,
  2. also the e and l are supposed to e like that

  3. my in game name is bubbabattel128, i would like to join because i dont want random people like griefer join a server and destroy my house,i would like to live in a grassland biome, and my terrian to be mixed. sorry i dont know how to pm on here yet

  4. The server is currently down while we reconfigure and update everything. I'll probably start recruiting again once everything is back to normal. Sorry for this problem, we will recruit again sometime in the next few weeks.
  5. Hey everyone, bad news. We updated to the new version of tekkit and the map was incompatible. So were going to have to spawn a new map and then import the buildings of old players first, before we can add new players we need to fix everything first. Give us about a week, and then we will start bringing new people on. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Yeah I know, the server hosters wiped out my map. I'm still dealing with that. I need to replace the old buildings with the new ones.

  7. White list was whiped, hereby PM-ing (Also PM-ing Girton) Username = Fint

  8. Alright, I'll review these posts in the next few days. Right now I got a lot going on with end of term course work and returning from holiday visitation. Once our server has transitioned to the newest version of tekkit I'll PM you guys and see if you still want a spot. Thanks,
  9. Alright I've got Bluedog, Triwinner, and jjthesuper added to the whitelist. I still need to speak to viktor and nes before I can add ghostrider. Prospects: Foomister, and tommy. In your join posts I see things like "community" and "other people"; I need to warn you first-off that our server gets to be fairly inactive for long bursts of time, the mobs are very numerous and harsh, and large sections of the map are undeveloped. players who ask for community and friendly players ALMOST ALWAYS QUIT MY SERVER WITHIN 2 DAYS. Maggot king, our server isn't relatively new its been online ten months; I wanted to make sure you knew that before I let you on. Pm me if that doesn't bother you and you still want in. If any of you are still interested send me a PM and I will clear you through in 2 days; otherwise I can only assume that letting you on would be a bad fit for you. Thanks, feel free to PM me if your still determined.
  10. Alright, give me until about Sunday and I'll get "odog277" and "wellsoonred" added. I need to backup the map, find a good spot, remove in-actives, etc etc etc. Don't worry though, if you want in we'll get you on.
  11. Not at first no, most of the PM's I get were for new joins adding in friends of theirs; I didn't send everyone an invite because a lot of people put things like (want to join a community) so I figured they'd jump on for about one day and then leave, so it was pointless to add them. Since your still watching the thread and are obviously interested I'll go ahead and send you a join post today. Sorry for any inconvenience,
  12. Erm, well its mostly that I need to get rid of things like the lava amulet and nuclear bombs; I used to just leave it all in, but people keep joining that aren't mature enough to not go around blowing crap up and covering things with lava. Anyway, I need a plugin that just let's me enter it item ID's of things I don't like, and poof their not in the server inventory. Does anyone know of a mod like that? Thanks,
  13. A few line items are becoming a problem on my server but I don't want to go overboard and get rid of entire mods. So I'm wondering if there are any good block ID removal plugins that are well known and non too intrusive. Thanks,
  14. Alright, got the PM from "Peffer"; got everything cleared and you should be good to go. PM me if you have any additional difficulties (either in game or technical). Thanks, we'll see you on the server.
  15. I got your message,we've had a small amount of player turnover lately so we should have a spot open for you. Give me until the end of the day and I'll get you a PM with location info and confirmation of your addition. Thanks, I would do it now but I don't have access to my server at my current location.
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