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  1. Fint White list was whiped, hereby PM-ing (Also PM-ed Earth)

  2. White list was whiped, hereby PM-ing (Also PM-ing Girton) Username = Fint

  3. In game name: Fint Age: 26 Location: The Netherlands Minecraft experience to date: Quite good overall knowledge of all espects of Tekkit Why do you want to play on our server? My old server is down and this server seems to fit the atmosphere I had back there. Eventually I play this game for fun so if that's what people on this server are after it should fit well.
  4. Username : Fint Age: 26 Country/Timezone: +1 Years playing Minecraft : 1 Previous op/mod experience? : No What you feel you can contribute : Relatively good understanding of Tekkit, creative thinking Time you can contribute to the server : Will varry but i'd be able to help a few hours a week Do you have any Mysql, Java, or HTML experience? Yes but no enough knowledge for it to be significant Other information you feel may be pertinent : End goal is to have fun
  5. Your exact user-name as it appears in game: Fint A short description of why you wish to join: My previous server is no longer online and this server seems to fit the atmosphere that I'm used to Your biome preference: Jungle Your terrian preference: Mixed Access to water: Coastline with river if possible
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