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  1. did you do anything even if you ddnt know like plasma guns dimentional doors etcc...?
  2. humm gen you could restart a new serve? ( hehehehe) fix all the problem and im looking for loff and jef anyone one online and andarden too LOL man im having a hard time playing!!!!!!!
  3. going nuts here been 2 weeks im trying to get in the server and cant ! anything going on or its just me! 2night im reinstalling allthe tekkit!
  4. can you give us info what did you do ? and did you check google for that or youtube im looking on my side for info if i get any tll fowartd it
  5. can you go back in time whit the server? like a reset backward may help
  6. still down huh... sniff im not alive anymore...
  7. i vote for anything new!!!! love to rebuilt and we could prob make teams!!! no pvp
  8. hey bonebone its furgarr think the serveur down and gen is prob away... and i vote for you for beign a mod
  9. hey generictag , im trying to join your server and i cant seems i dont have the right mods can you explain what would i need ? ( im using techniclauncher)