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  1. Can i share an ideal for the technic luncher?

    1. GreenWolf13


      They made a luncher? OHMYGOD! Now I can finally eat my lunch while playing technic!

    2. Cheap Shot

      Cheap Shot

      I always liked those lunchers where they give you the ham and cheese with little crackers. That and rainbow sprinkle dunkaroos.

  2. Made this pic by my self

  3. I just read this today and I been HELEN KELLER close to a year now. and that was before it moved to Xenforo. and now im getting sick of it. plus I got no reason what i did wrong.
  4. its not just him when i came in there were about 2 or 3 of them.
  5. Hi My IGN is TDB_Virue and I want to become an admin or Mod and this server needs more admins or mod because when i join the server i got killed RIGHT A WAY. so i can you send a massage back to me so i know your respond. thanks, TDB

    1. TDB_Virtue


      If you have skype, here my skype name. TDB_Virtue

  6. I hope the server gets back online as soon it can. And I like the server and the plug-ins that it have.
  7. In game name: TDB_Virtue Age:18 Time playing Tekkit: Close to a Year Have you been banned: As far i remember, No Why would you like to play on this server:Last server, My place was keep on getting "Grief" then i left that server. Then i was looking for another one and I found this that said "Grief protection". and as I join the server to see what its like. thin I choose to sign up and join.
  8. Launcher Version: Operating System: Window 7 Java Version: 1.7.0_09 Antivirus Program: Kaspershy Description of Problem: When i go to dev list, it tells me there's new version of Technic. on the list it say 3.4.1 but it download 2.5.3. Error Messages: None Error Log: None
  9. In game name: TDB Virtue short in game name: Virtue Age: 18 Skype : TDB_Virtue I have tekkit and the last person that i replied is not responding. so ill partner up with u. Heads up that i have a speech disablty.
  10. im making a profile pic now

  11. If u still don't have a partner i will be one for u. I dont care about age.
  12. nether mind it works now. maybe the launcher did not update right.
  13. when i try to update the Vanilla on the technic launcher it say "Fail to update". can someone help or try to fix it?
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