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  1. ok sorry i caused you so much distress scarecrow
  2. Hey shadow i do not know whether or not this is the place to post regarding moonquest server issues, but given it is the only main thread you have in this topic I guess I will ask it here. In my server, regarding smelteries, we melt gold in them like we are supposed to, then place a stone pickaxe head on the casting table and pour the gold on it to make a cast. The animation happens and everything, yet when we click it, we dont get a cast, just the pickaxe head and we lose the gold. Do you have any idea? Also, the only aluminum we have on the server does not work with the smeltery which needs aluminum. Just thought id bring this to your attention so we can try to fix it. Thanks so much
  3. i get this message i dont know if it helps though: 013/10/24 20:47:20 [WARNING] Unable to load news, hiding news section net.technicpack.launchercore.exception.RestfulAPIException: Timed out accessing URL [] at net.technicpack.launchercore.restful.RestObject.getRestObject( at at org.spoutcraft.launcher.Launcher$ Caused by: Read timed out at Method) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at net.technicpack.launchercore.restful.RestObject.getRestObject( ... 2 more 2013/10/24 20:47:30 [iNFO] Maximum usable memory detected: 1023 mb
  4. i may be able to restore the launcher to the older version... should i do that and then try to force update it or something? someone please help... also its taking longer than usual to start up
  5. so i deleted the .technic then re-downloaded and now none of the packs will load... wat is going on?
  6. My launcher didnt update itself like i thought it would to version 293 and mine was at something like 253. So i downloaded the launcher again and replaced my old one with it by accident (i dont care if i lost old saves. But now... none of the packs will load and i can't launch anything. Also when i try to add a new modpack i want it says that it cant error parsing platform response... help?
  7. My friends and I are reaching the point where we are far into our server and all the mods in original tekkit lite, however we are becoming bored. What do you all suggest we add in to provide more challenges or more interesting experience to our server? It's okay if it doesnt goalong with the tekkit theme, for example we are trying thaumcraft right now and we love it.
  8. Is it worth getting forestry? Or is it too dangerous considering the malicious code that was once put in by Sengir?
  9. Hey everyone, my friendnd I got thaumcraft working for our tekkit lite server and I couldn't help but notice the foresty file within thaumcraft. Is this the forestr mod itself? If it is, none of the bees or special trees have spawned in and if you know please post to help. Thanks
  10. However will thaumcraft 3 for 1.4.7 work with a server?
  11. I have tried downloading the newest version of thaumcraft 3 for singleplayer use and did not work, an error with forge mod loader occured. However, when i did it with the 1.4.7 version, it worked fine. Is the difference between thaumcraft 3 in 1.5.1 and 1.4.7 that huge? Also is there any way to get the updated version for a tekkit lite server?
  12. this wasnt a fake report we are knew to this so we panicked sorry