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  1. We are actively seeking mature players, since my last posting I have implemented permissions, we are 100% no cheat survival. We are veteran Minecrafters. We seek a few more players. If you would like to play on a good server, with knowledgeable players and look for a grief free fun environment hit me up. Go here and sign up and lets go from there. Thanks Must be willing to hop on Ventrilo and be sociable thats all we ask :)
  2. I am running a TekkitLite server with ForgeBukkit. I installed Bukkit Essentials and Group manager. And while in game I can open tinker table and select the item but when i click install it don't work. This is my test server atm, My live server i do not run essentials and group manager yet and it works just fine on my live server. Tried to add it to ops but not sure what to add for permissions. I looked on your site and all over but cannot seem to find the answer. Basically what do i need to set my Group manager permissions to. And should i do it per group or use the Global? Thanks in advance **EDIT** I am not sure this is a permissions problem with essentials I removed it completely and I still have the issue. I oped industrialcraft and some others. it's just strange because my live server works great. I can also like when clicked on helm at tinker table salvage and install the citizen joe style but none of the others will allow install. **EDIT** ok Tekkit lite, latest Version, Client Latest Version, All javas, latest Version. And it works in Creative mode did a fresh install of TekkitLite, I can apply all items to armor, but NOT in Survival Mode, Survival mode only the citizen joe armor can be applied/salvaged.
  3. Heya all, I looked around alot all day today and really can't find a good way to do the following. I am running a tekkit lite server with bukkitforge and a few misc bukkit plugins. I want to create a new world and make one survival and keep the main one creative. i want to be able to easily switch between the two worlds. I looked at multiverse and multiworld. i installed multiworld and it would not run. it installed and when I did /plugins appeared but when I wanted to create the world it gave an error and said contact dev. if anyone knows a simple way to create new world and be able to use in above application please let me know. I am still fairly new to tekkit and running a server so please be very specific and include links to anything. Thanks for your help.
  4. i would like to join that tekkit lite server you have, im 24 very mature just looking for mor minecraft friends, also do you have that survival server up that you mentioned?

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      No survival just yet, we have been busy getting the creative server up. We are very creative, we have many perks, if you would like to join our ventrilo and get a tour I would be willing to. However, the next couple of days I am tied up doing various things. Please leave your thoughts and I will get back to you.
  5. Or you could get to know the mods on creative And later on play survival, Spend more time getting to know the large amount of mods.
  6. I has a similar issue, All i could do was update a fresh install of the tekkit server and it worked for me. If all else fails give it a try.
  7. Sounds like your server needs to be updated to connect. If you update your client and connect to a server with an older version you will get this message. Try updating the server side.
  8. Hello fellow Minecrafters, A friend of mine and I that have been playing games for a loooong time decided to start a server a bit back. We are adult players and mellow, we like to build and create. We are currently working on building our server into a nice city with other areas. We have a mine cart system that currently takes 1hr 40 minutes to complete, as well as an inner city cart system to view the area. We run Tekkit Lite and some Bukkit plug ins like world edit. We are a creative server but will be adding another world to play strictly survival on soon. We seek 2 more players that are mature, like to chat on Ventrilo and are serious builders. You can view screenshots of our server and talents at We are a whitelist only server, we will keep server up 24/7 only downtime will be random restarts and server saves, solid host. We are on all hours of day and night one being a west coaster and me being an east coaster so we are on alot. We have great knowledge of Minecraft and are learning alot about the Tekkit platform and all of its Mods. If you are interested please post in the "Gaming" forum at out website. Do not reply here as I won't be checking this string as frequently.