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  1. That would be an issue with the minecraft login servers being down which usually only lasts about an hour, either that or your playing a pirated copy! yarrrr
  2. Everyone should check out our community forums they're really starting get some good topics!
  3. I'm glad to see that this modpack is still keeping a regular player base.
  4. I think that Hexxit is due for a nice update, that'll bring the life back to the pack.
  5. The pvp arena is now up and running and you can access it by /warp arena One of the main features of the arena is that you don't loose your inventory when your die!
  6. We now use factions on the server, this is a big change that is really going to help improve PVP on the server.
  7. FTL is great game. And anything else that on GOG.com really.
  8. I agree that its a great plugin but for a raid server people have to be able to raid each other and grief prevention doesn't offer that.
  9. We're keeping our player count up all through the night, this means we have tons of players from all around the world!
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